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My Journey

I'm a person-centred psychotherapist, passionate about self-discovery and development.

My own personal experience to healing has led me to strongly believe that life is a journey of continuous growth and that our personal development can be hindered by our past traumas and the challenges we face.

The past shapes the person we become and my psychodynamic approach is to look at the past to enable us to move toward the future.

Growth and identity can only be achieved once we're able to recognise and commit to being our true selves. But  doing that can often be difficult and takes courage.


I aim to help my clients to discover their inner strength, build their emotional resilience and in turn move steadily towards realising their full potential.


In 2016, after working for fifteen years as a  secondary school teacher, I decided to train as a psychotherapist. This means that as well as providing therapy to adults, I'm particularly experienced at working with young people from 11 to 16.

My psychotherapy training was completed at the beginning of 2020 and I began working as a Practitioner for The London Practice.


Heading straight into the Covid-19 Pandemic, it proved to be a very busy and challenging first year.  But it provided a huge amount of experience across a large range of issues resulting from the difficulties faced by us all in such unprecedented circumstances. I feel it has given me a great foundation, much valuable insight and deep learning in a very short time.

As well as working with individuals, I also specialise in working with couples.


Even strong relationships can experience periods of difficulty and problems can arise in the same way they can in any other aspect of our lives.


Relationships are fundamental to our emotional and mental wellbeing, however, not many exist without some form of conflict.

I work from a neutral standpoint, helping couples to recognise healthier ways to approach and deal with their disputes. My ambition with couples is to highlight their communication style, present opportunities for each individual voice to be heard and facilitate a wholesome discussion, leading to positive change.

All of my sessions are tailored around the needs and preferences of my clients. On top of my person-centred foundation, I use additional tools from CBT and Psychodynamic Therapy to maximise the healing and breakthrough of my clients.

During sessions, clients can learn to recognise any past trauma or learned behaviour that may be affecting their current life, which will help them break negative patterns and make positive changes. 


Suzi Williams Psychotherapy
Suzi Williams Psychotherapy

I help clients identify, challenge and control unhelpful thoughts and works with them towards establishing a healthier thought process.

If you'd like to take that important step towards therapy, then I offer a free fifteen minute consultation call to talk about how I can help.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Suzi Williams Psychotherapy
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