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  • What's the point of having psychotherapy?
    In my experience as a psychotherapist, I have found that ultimately, people have a desire to have a better understanding of themselves and usually choose to have psychotherapy to help with this. The way we behave, think and feel are all connected and underpin our individual, unique psychological make up. Our behaviours, thoughts and feelings are impacted everyday positively and negatively and unfortunately as humans it is known that we tend to think negatively. Unresolved negative experiences can bring about unhelpful thought patterns, feelings and behaviours which can be destructive in different aspects of our lives. Fundamentally unresolved issues can cause us to feel stuck and distort our true identity which in turn creates a disconnect with ourselves and those around us. The symptoms of these problems can show up in the form of anxiety, sadness/depression, stress, anger, low self esteem and other psychological responses. The point of psychotherapy would be to alleviate the psychological distress you are experiencing through understanding how these negative experiences have impacted your cognitive, emotional and behavioural world. It can help you become aware of any inner conflict that is keeping you confused and stuck and provide you with ways that works for you to access you inner resources and tackle your problems. This type of work can be extensive and can only be facilitated by a qualified Psychologist or Psychotherapist. Reach out today if you'd like to book a free consultation call.
  • How do you work with your clients?
    Having a good relationship with my clients is central to the way I work. I work to understand my clients world, what they are going through, their experiences, their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It is important that my clients feel heard, safe and free to express themselves so ensuring the therapeutic environment is serene, non-judgemental, sacred is key when I work with my clients. It is my belief that we grow when we have the right type of support and this is always evident in my relationships with my clients. I believe that we all have the inner resources to heal and grow and it is quite common to focus on external issues but in order to heal and break through it is important to look within and encouraging this is also seen in the way I work with my clients. Reach out today if you'd like to book a free consultation call
  • What inspires your approach?
    Fundamentally, my faith as a Christian woman has provided me with spiritual insight of the transformation process and the interconnection between the mind, body and soul and how central this is to the way we see ourselves and the world we live in. I have a deep interest in the way we grow, the way we develop and how events /circumstances (current and past) shape who we become and in turn how this affects our perception of ourselves, the world and those around us. It was my own journey to restoration, healing and wholeness that enabled me to personally experience the transformation process that takes place when reconnecting with the core self. It is a unique journey for everyone and I can identify with feeling lost and how hard, lonely, confusing life can be during this process, but I know that with genuine support it is possible to awaken to the power that is within you to change how these hard times are impacting you. The Psychological approaches that also inspire my work is taken from Humanistic schools of thought combined with Psychoanalytic theories. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is also incorporated into sessions when dealing with negative thought patterns, core beliefs and renewing the mind. Reach out today if you'd like to book a free discovery session.
  • How can I book a session with you?
    I offer a 15 minute free discovery call to all potential clients. During the call you can tell me your concerns and ask questions to see if and how I can support you. At the end of the consultation if you feel you want to book in a session, based on availability we can do so but there is no requirement to book a session after the consultation. Reach out today if you'd like to book a free consultation call.
  • What will happen in the first session?
    The first session will take place after the initial consultation where at this point, I will have already gained a glimpse of what has brought you to therapy. This session will entail me asking more questions so that I can gain a deeper understanding of how what you are experiencing is affecting your daily life. This will involve me asking you questions about your day to day life and what it looks like, how any symptoms you may have are affecting you and what your expectations for therapy is. This session is also good to set goals for what you want to achieve from therapy and you can also express how you see us working together to achieve these goals. Reach out today if you'd like to book a free discovery session.
  • How will I know how many session I need?
    Psychotherapy can be short term or long term, and the amount of sessions you may need cannot be known at the beginning. It really depends on the depth of the issue you are facing. We all heal at different rates so there is not really a set amount of sessions that can be determined. However I work in a way where my clients have the opportunity to review where they are with therapy- this brings awareness as to whether to continue or end therapy. Reach out today if you'd like to book a free consultation call.
  • What if I start and then want to end therapy?
    Ending therapy is the decision of the client. There is no obligation to continue if you feel you want to end. Having an ending session to crystallise the work that has been done is recommended and encouraged, however whatever decision you make will always be respected. Reach out today if you'd like to book a free consultation call.
  • Where are you based?
    I am based in Dartford however, at the moment, due to (COVID -19) sessions are taking place online. A notification will be posted on my website when face to face sessions resume. Reach out today if you'd like to book a free consultation call.
  • What are your terms and conditions?
    A copy of the terms and conditions are sent to clients in a confirmation email once a session has been booked. The T&C’s illustrate Suzi Williams Psychotherapy policies and act as a contractual agreement between the therapist and client. You can see the website Terms & Privacy information on the website. Reach out today if you'd like to book a free consultation call.
  • What are the fees?
    Fees are offered based on a sliding scale structure, to make therapy more accessible. The fee is agreed in the initial consultation. The quality of therapy is the same. Please click on the fees page to view all fees. Reach out today if you'd like to book a free consultation call.
  • How do I pay for sessions?
    Payment is required via bank transfer. After each session you will receive an invoice with further details. Reach out today to book aconsultation call.
  • What is your availability?
    I work flexibly and offer morning, afternoon and evening appointments - Monday to Friday. Times that are available can be discussed in the discovery consultation. Reach out today to book a free consultation call.
  • Can sessions be booked in a block?
    Yes. This can be discussed and booked based on availability. Full payment is required in advance to secure the dates. Reach out today to book a consultation call.
  • Do I need to bring anything to the first session?
    Starting therapy for the first time or with a new therapist can be nerve wracking and this is normal. You will not be expected to put on a show or pressured into being saying what you don’t want to. You will be central to the therapeutic journey so all you will need to bring is you. Reach out today to book a free consultation call.
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